Saturday, December 17, 2016

Love & The Ego of the Self.

Love is one of the simplest things in life.

How many of you will agree with what I just said?

If you say you want to go & fight with someone, everybody gets worked up & most are eager to fight with you.
If you say you are in love with someone of a different race/religion/whatever-the-fuck-it-is, everybody gets upset even to the point of disowning you or even turning you into an outcast in society.

People are not allowed to be violent in public, but at the same time if two people are loving towards each other, then that is also not allowed! Especially if they are of the same gender, or 'different' from what society denotes 'normal' to be.

If you love somebody, & that somebody loves you back; then marriage is a must, regardless of whether the two of you want it or not; otherwise you will both be 'living in sin'.

If you love somebody, you must do ABC for them, & they, in return for your oh-so-endearing & universally-encompassing love, must do XYZ for you. Even if they do not like it.

If you love somebody, & that somebody doesn't love you back, you devise all sorts of tactics to make their life a living hell. 'If I can never have you, nobody else can have you.'

Dafuq, yaar.

Listen, buddy.

Love is God. Not the other way around.

You can never confine it to a religion, a race, a place, an object.

If two people are in love with each other, then what is the problem! The problem is actually you who are watching with wrong eyes & mind, not them!

Whatever people decide to do in their personal lives is completely up to them. Marriage is only a formality, a way of letting people know that, 'hey we love each other, we would like to share our happiness with you, let's eat drink & be merry'; not 'we are bound for life & don't you motherfuckas dare try anything funny with my husband/wife ever again or I'll dig out your eyeballs'!

& since we're on that subject, what kind of godly power would be so crazy as to say, 'Yes, okey if you have this piece of paper/this ring on your finger/this chain around your neck you can be loving to each other, you can fuck each other, you can live together; if not then I'm sorry but you cannot'???

One more thing I absolutely love, perfectly said by Louis CK:

'Nuff said!

Lastly. Not an easy one, but one of the most important ones.

If you love somebody, really love somebody; you will wish for their happiness & greater good.

Even if they love somebody else.

That doesn't mean that you have to sit by the sidelines & wallow in your personal mud pit of self-pity your entire life.

Hell no, by all means; go, live your life, be happy yourself! One person is gone, 10 more will come, who gives a shit! Why make your own life a living hell? For what? Out of some sick masochism??? What are you trying to prove to yourself?

If you love somebody, but their character/behaviour/way of showing love is not according to what you think should be........wait for it........who the hell are you to say what is the right & wrong way of showing love? If you love someone, you just love them for who they are. Whether they prioritize you or not, how much they choose to prioritize you, is completely up to them. (Bear in mind also that everyone has different capacities as to how much energy they are able to give to others)

Ponder this: do you love them for who they are, & do you accept that even if they do love you from the bottom of their hearts, their life does not revolve around you?

& the 'if I can't have you, nobody else can' mindset, oh dayummm that's the mother of all WTFs...why fuck up the other person's life? It goes against the whole essence of love, & you dare claim that you love???


One of the joys of being human is being able to experience love.

But one of the biggest lessons of being human is to learn to differentiate between love & ego.

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