Friday, June 24, 2016

The Forgotten Asana - IDGAFasana.

Today's topic has become very close to my heart as of the past few months. Feck, a whole lot of shit has gotten close to my heart these past few months. Well, that's just what happens when you emerge from the fire.

I absolutely love this video by Matthew Hussey - 2 Ways To Instantly Feel More Confident In Your Body.

Especially the concept of 'finding yourself in your category type'.

I think it's just human nature to always want the things we don't/can't have. A person with small eyes will want big doe-like eyes. Girls with small boobs (ahem) want bigger ones. Those with bigger ones want smaller ones (well, not most of the time, but still happens!).

Have you noticed that society has conditioned us to worship certain physical aspects, & condemn others? Or do you think it's an inbuilt trait that we are just born with?

I found this social experiment interesting: Doll Test.
But some of the kid's responses made me very sad.

Somewhere along the line, these kids picked up ideas on what is beautiful & what is ugly. All well & good, because without dualities, life will cease to exist. But when they identify themselves with 'ugly', now that I have a problem with.

Why can't we celebrate our own unique individualities? Why do we have to conform to some grand, ultimate idea of what beauty is?

Growing up, I've always been underweight. However, the first thing I remember disliking about my body was my thighs. I always thought they were large & flabby. Then I started wanting bigger boobs. Smaller ears. Bigger eyes. Fuller lips. Perfect toes. Even a different voice (still do, sometimes)!


Yes, I've had my fair share of BS too, dear friends. Maybe it's just a rite of passage that we all have to go through.

Yoga really helped me reconnect & love my body. It was like, 'my body can do all these things, wow'!

& when I started teaching yoga, it was like, 'all these bodies can do all these things, wow'!

& when I started teaching yoga, I also realized that regardless of what my voice sounds like, people will still like me.

& those who don't, well; meh. Their loss.


Everybody has their own strengths & weaknesses. One can do the splits within 2.1 seconds of entering class, the other can hold a handstand forever, yet another one can flip over backwards & grab hold of their ankles...who gives a shit whose butt is big, whose legs are chubby, whose arms are flabby???

We are all better/weaker than each other, in one way or another.

Imagine how bloody boring it would be, if we all had the same strengths & weaknesses!

The contestants for Miss Korea 2013.

I hope we all revel in our own beauty. Like, 'yes, that person is beautiful, but fuck that shit, I'm beautiful too!'

We have to own who we are, regardless of what others think of us. Truly, what is essential is how we see ourselves. & like I was saying in my last post, Anything Less Than Juicy Just Will Not Do!: when you are happy, when you are celebrating life, everything else falls into place. Regardless of if you are what society thinks is sexy, beautiful, attractive, & whatnot. (...) A person is juicy when they are totally in their own unique individual element.

Life will always find ways to bog you down. You have to love yourself enough to know where & when to draw the line. Yes, selfishness is not a bad thing, people. In fact, it is a very good thing.

I always allowed others to determine my beauty. I always relinquished my self-worth to the hands of others. Worse still, to others who didn't have their own shit together in the first place. From the beginning of the year up to last month, my weight dropped to 46kgs. I've never been that light since I can remember; maybe during my horse-riding years, but that has been more than 10 years ago! Needless to say, I was able to fit into many old clothes. There was a mixture of responses from people - some were amazed & wanted to know my secret; a few didn't like it.

During that time, I recorded a few yoga videos with Deep for Yoga Samiti, & I only saw them for the first time earlier this week. I looked like a stick. Good for advertising, but what is the use if one is not happy on the inside?

You see, dear friends; I allowed others to determine my feelings. I allowed myself to be manipulated. I gave someone else the responsibility of taking care of me, my emotions, my well-being.

& a heckuva lot of good that did me!

Not to worry though, I've been enjoying life for around one months now & have returned to my usual weight of 50kgs, to the dismay of my old clothes. All the more reason to buy new ones??? Bahahahahahah!

Never place your life in the hands of others. Not even the ones who claim to love you the most. In fact, it is those who think they know what is best for you who have more potential of causing harm! Because in the first place how do they know what is good & what is bad for you?

You always have to decide for yourself. Sometimes you have to do what is best for you, regardless of how your decision will affect others.

Yes, I wear spectacles; so what? If your idea of spirituality is a person who has perfect eyesight, then you have a problem, mate.

Yes, I have a big sweet tooth, so what?

Yes, I have a strange accent, so what?

One of the best ways to end any conflict is with 'so what?' Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, I respect that person's opinion, & I accept myself as I am, what? Why to argue? I fought to be the person I am today, & I'll be damned if

Dear friends. Dear beloveds who are reading this. Please know that the people who truly love & appreciate you will be able to see beneath the surface, to the soul which resides within you. They will never be sidelined by superficialities. & the ones try to bring you down for being different, for being you, don't belong in your life.

Be you, always.

The good thing about being your authentic self is the wrong people will exit your life, & the right people will enter.

That, & you'll live one bloody happy life.

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