Sunday, August 2, 2015

Time Is Of The Essence.

Sometimes things happen in life, which may or may not seem to work out in our favour. In fact, nothing can be considered bad, because even the bad stuff has brought us to where we are today, & moulded us into who we are today.

We are all essentially souls/beings of light/spirits having a human experience. & we all have our own unique, individual purpose in this human lifetime here on earth.

Be grateful for what you have - it can be taken away at any time.

Be grateful for where you are - you are breathing & alive, that is everything you need in the moment.

Be grateful for who you are - who you are is a collection of all your past mistakes, 'failures', traumas, successes, achievements; your joy, sadness, anger, disappointments, bliss...the culmination of all these events is who you are today, at this very moment in time.

Who you are today may not be the same as who you were yesterday. Or maybe not even tomorrow. The gifts you possess in this moment are needed in the world. How do you choose to use these gifts? In fact, the word 'gift' itself denotes that these 'things' are meant to be given to others. It is not called a 'gift' if it is not supposed to be given away.

On the same note, the gifts you had in the past may not be applicable in the current stage of your journey. Hence, who you are in the future may well bring about change in your current surroundings, or even uproot you from everything you've ever known.

True that this happens in your best interest. Yet as mortals, we wonder & worry about the future. 'If so-&-so happens, it will cause so-&-so.' For every action, there is a consequence. Of course. Of course. All in due time.

& from time to time it does pull at the heartstrings. As mere mortals, we are prone to attaching ourselves to things. It is human nature. We cry when we graduate from high school because we have to leave our friends & familiar surroundings behind. The bride cries when she gets married because she is leaving her family to live with another. We cry when our friend migrates to another country. Heck, we cry a lot, don't we?

Yet deep down inside we understand the need for this sadness, because we are ready for different experiences. The universe is providing another experience which is needed for our growth. Letting go can be tough at times. But it is essential to trust that everything is unfolding as it is supposed to.

Sometimes, we forget to appreciate the people & things that are in our life at the current moment. They are all here to help us along in our journey, & we, them. Appreciate. Appreciate & practice kindness always. & what is kindness but the shadow of love? Give love. Uplift others & help them on their journey. & in helping others, we are helping ourselves.

Time is of the essence. Every moment is the moment.

Namaste. The light in me recognizes the light in you.

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