Tuesday, August 11, 2015


At the end of the day, words are just that - words. There is a reason why the phrase 'talk is cheap' exists. Anyone can talk. But to walk the talk, now that's something.

The great Tao of life. Love is easy, but at the same time difficult. Just like everything else - balance. Balance between letting things flow naturally, & putting in the necessary effort.

It's always through action that we can come to know of a person's intentions. Excuses are basically just pretty white lies.

Now is the time to practice being yogi. Nobody ever said it was easy. It is tough to allow others to live their life according to how they want & need to. But it's even tougher when I'm the one being sacrificed in order for them to live. The ego starts to arise, indignantly questioning, 'am I not good enough?' & many other similar questions.

It's unfair to say that effort is required in career, yet not required in relationships. Although I have respect for every individual's choices in life, I find it hard to respect people who can't be forward with what they want & don't want in life, & who hide behind philosophies, twisting & turning ideologies to their advantage.

Living your life purpose should never mean hurting others. Ahimsa.

Feelings & intentions should always be made clear. It is never good enough to not be upfront with the fact that a relationship is not a priority anymore, but instead go on behaving like nothing is wrong yet acting up so that the other party will initiate the break up. Whatever makes you feel better about yourself, I guess. If I have to be the evil one who once upon a time gave up on this awesome person who thought he was putting in his best effort for me, so be it.

& I'm sorry my recent posts have been all about this. It is hard to be yogi all the time, & I'm obviously still practising. At the back of my mind, I know all of this doesn't matter. But my superficial layer is still fighting a tough battle.

In the words of The Fray, '& all at once the crowd begins to sing...sometimes the hardest thing & the right thing are the same'.

Well, depends on what the 'right' thing is. Again, all boils down to priorities.

I have no control over the actions of others, only my own. & I'd rather back out in order for them to live a full life, than to cling on & give shit to the both of us.

Soft is strong. Just like how it isn't my responsibility to understand others, it isn't anybody's responsibility to understand me either. I've always been alone. & I can do it again. I will do it again.

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