Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Asana Is Only The Third Limb of Yoga.

It just fucks me when people are too obsessed about asana.

Please, dear brothers & sisters, the advancement of your practice is not as superficial as 'I can do this pose', 'I can do that pose', nor does it matter how many 'advanced' asana you can perform (Notice the use of word 'perform').

First of all, if your alignment in the basic/fundamental poses is out, you don't have any bloody business attempting the other more challenging poses. Because:

1. Basic poses; although they will get easier with time, are the core to your practice. If your core practice has been out of alignment, you have been (& will be) injuring your body each time you practice.

2. If your body is not doing the basic poses properly/correctly, this also means your body is still not opened up/strengthened enough to go for more advanced poses.

3. Your physical exercise determines your energetic/mental/emotional states. If you over-exert yourself, not only are you doing harm to your physical body, but also to the other layers of your being.

3. Combine these three factors, & add advanced asana to the equation, & basically you're just going to fuck yourself up.

Asana is only one limb of yoga. The function of asana is to remove excess energy, remove energetic blockages, & bring the physical body to a good state of health, in preparation for meditation.

Advancement in asana does not depend solely on performing circus-like acts. Sthiram sukham asanam. Can you hold a basic pose for at least thirty breaths, without the rhythm of the breath changing, without body trembling?

I'm sorry, I'm not always the kind of person who will teach yoga according to what the people want.

If you want to perform circus-like & acrobatic, contortionist acts in a short period of time, I'm not the teacher for you.

If you just want to practice hard & fast, sweat it all out & go home, I'm not the teacher for you.

I'm not going to teach in a way that causes more harm than good to your body. I don't really give a shit whether you like me or not; by not honouring your body, it shows that you are not even friends with yourself.

A safe practice is so important & cannot be emphasized enough. If you want a sustainable practice that will last your a lifetime, please, place importance on your alignment. It is never worth harming your body in order to be 'more advanced'.

In yoga, there is no competition between individuals. There is only competition with ourselves. Are we doing better than yesterday? How is my asana practice serving me in other areas of my life? How can the principles on the mat apply to my life off the mat?

Namaste, terima kasih.

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