Friday, January 22, 2016

A Case of Me-Me-Me-itis.

It's been a rough week for me. Apart from writing work and teaching, a lot of other things have popped up along the way.

I guess when we go off track, sometimes the Universe gives us a little tap on the shoulder like, 'Hey you! Get yo ass back on track!' :P

So yeah, although I have been doing what I need to, it hasn't really been full speed ahead. It's just the bare minimum, sometimes even less. I have to say though, out of the seven deadly sins, sloth ranks the highest in my list - I am a professional slacker at the best of times!

I really enjoy philosophy and its components. But unfortunately that doesn't pay the bills (for now). & I believe I can contribute more than just 'falsampah' to the world; but I just need to put in a bit more effort to refine my skill sets.

I want to be around genuine people who say what they mean & mean what they say. I don't really give a shit if you're wearing the latest fashion, nor if you have the latest gadget (although a neat camera would be really cool, heheh). I don't want to be around people who only want to hang around me for the materialistic things I have to offer. I don't like being obliged into giving gifts or having to conform to certain social conditionings. If you want to hang out with me, then I would like it to be because you enjoy my company, & nothing more.

One of the highlights of my week was meeting this Swedish lady (Whom my mother met through backpacking/hitch-hiking - don't ask me who the hitch-hiker/hikee was though!) who is staying over at my grandparent's place. I really enjoyed listening to her stories about her life back in Sweden. She is in her 70s, & does painting, sculpting & makes jewellery! She & her husband have a big-ass garden where they grow all kinds of flowers & make tiny flag labels for them so it's like 'a botanical garden'; they even grow strawberries & mulberries which they harvest to make jam! & they go skinny-dipping in the ocean! Is that the life or what???

& now she's travelling solo in Malaysia, after which she will head to Thailand, then to India! WTF! I'm 30 & I've never travelled solo to another continent!

So yeah, these past few days the Universe has been nudging me to put pedal to the metal. It wasn't always a pleasant experience - so many things happened to show me what I do not want in my life. Yet this meeting with this one person reminded me of what I do want in life - about the possibilities that the world & life itself has to offer.

At the same time, the people who I need have been coming into my life. When I was contemplating doing Yoga Teacher Training, among a hundred other questions, I asked myself, 'What would I want to do with this knowledge?' & the answer was, 'To help people.' Somehow over time I got sucked into the whole 'commercialized' aspect of yoga. I was too caught up with the glamourized version of yoga - looking good in poses, taking yoga selfies, being able to do this/that pose, the latest yoga fashion, etc.

Slowly but surely people have started coming to me with various physical issues. & I am glad to report that sometimes I don't even know about their issues until after they are cured & they come up to me & say things like, 'I used to have bad menstrual pain but after attending your classes, it's disappeared.' It really does make my day (or even week!) when I get such feedback from my students. It makes me understand why I need to learn more & deepen my knowledge. I am thankful for all my students. They are the ones who play a big role in my satisfaction as a teacher. To be a leader, one must be ready to serve. & what I have acquired, all I have learned, goes to my students & those who need it.

I'm sorry if today's post has not been as philosophical or positive as expected. I'm just keeping it real.

Remember: the Universe (or God, or angels, or whatever you want to call it) is always sending you messages. Make sure you are open enough to receive those messages. Sometimes it may be a small tap on the shoulder. If the message is important & you don't acknowledge that tap, it becomes a smack on the back of the head. If that smack doesn't get your brains working, then I don't know, maybe a whole box of Post-It notes will be thrown in your direction!


  1. Sometimes i wonder that my choice made now may affect the future. While i'm worrying, depressed or even angry bcos I cant link with any other ordinary people. If i put the initiative in it I could converse with them but in the same time deep deep down my heart feel exhausted. I do love to hang out with people which really love their lives, surrounding people like them is so energetic and positive. But as Rocky Balboa said "life is not sunshine and rainbow, life is mean, and time comes it will get u." Pain, suffering, misery will always show up to yr door tats life BABY... So try hard to stay in the zone( Sound like a pro LOL). Deep down u know the answer for everything, peace, happiness and other. Yet time to time we get off track, so f****g frustrating. I could always feel when i'm in the zone everything seems is on its place no madness just peace in the mind. Could sense everything in such elegant way like a lotus on the water. Slow and steady no emotion get to me, I am fully aware of my thoughts and emotions. Everything is so beautiful at the moment, I could felt the pain that people going through sometimes even tears drop, in such way u feel connected with everyone even with one their silly jokes i found it amused me. The sense of gratitude rise so strongly even when other talk nonsense i could get along with it. My whole viewing perspective have change at that moment OMG so beautiful. Such beautiful moment would't last long, Kaboom boom shit back to normal again. Maybe this is how it supposed to be, repeat again and again till one day we could totally mastered the art of life.

    Sensei maybe the journey of off track is also a road that we need acknowledge it. NAMASTE SENSEI peace out

    1. Weh I did not receive any notification of your comment! & luckily you said 'Sensei' so I know who you are, bahahahah...yes, there *is* gold to be found off-track too, you are right.